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Bigg Boss 17 Start Date & Contestand List

Bigg Boss 17 was one of the most popular seasons in the long-running Indian television reality show. With a mix of celebrities and commoners vying to win the coveted title, this season had it all. The contestants were met with several intriguing tasks, entertaining rounds of voting, and some memorable moments. Special guests also visited throughout the season to add to the excitement.

The season was full of drama, surprises and unexpected twists. It created a huge buzz among fans who followed each episode closely to see what would happen next. With memorable moments from all of the contestants, Bigg Boss Season 17 was one of the most talked-about reality shows in India. Even after its conclusion, it continues to be recalled with nostalgia and fondness by many viewers.

Bigg Boss 17 Start Date

Bigg Boss 17 will begin airing on October 3, 2023. The show is hosted by the famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan and this season’s participants will be revealed soon. However, speculations are that some of the contestants may include celebrities from the entertainment, sports and politics industry.

It is expected that Bigg Boss 17 will follow a similar format to previous seasons with each day having a different task for all the housemates which can help them win rewards or face consequences for their actions. All tasks will be monitored by several cameras placed in various parts of the house as well as through confessionals where housemates can express their thoughts without being heard by anyone else in the house.

The housemates will be subject to numerous tasks, twists and turns as well as public voting which will decide who stays in the competition and who gets evicted. As always, Bigg Boss 17 promises an exhilarating journey for both its participants and viewers alike. So make sure to tune in from October 3 onwards!

Bigg Boss 17 is expected to bring together a diverse set of contestants from various backgrounds such as television actors, sportspeople, politicians and more. The show aims to entertain audiences by testing the mental and physical strength of each contestant through out-of-the-box tasks ranging from fun games to intense arguments. These tasks are monitored by several cameras inside the house which also help measure how contestants react under pressure.

The Big Boss 17 Watch house also includes a “confession room” where contestants can speak to the host, Salman Khan, about their thoughts and feelings without being heard by anyone else in the house. This helps create an atmosphere of trust and understanding between participants, which will inevitably lead to more intense and unpredictable scenarios.

At the end of each week, viewers can vote for their favorite contestant to keep them safe from eviction while those who receive the least votes are eliminated from the competition. As expected, these evictions create a stir among contestants as well as viewers which is sure to make this season of Bigg Boss 17 even more exciting than its predecessors!

Bigg Boss 17 Audition and Registration process

has been started now. To become the part of Bigg Boss 17, you need to follow the steps given below:

1. Visit Voot’s official website or download its app from Play Store/App Store

2. Sign up to create an account on Voot if you don’t have one already

3. Once you are logged in, look for a link that says “Bigg Boss 17 Audition” and tap on it

4. Now enter all required details such as your age, gender, occupation etc

5. After this, a video upload page will open where you have to upload an audition video of yourself that should not be more than 90 seconds long

6. Your video must include your introduction and some talent you possess (dancing, singing etc)

7. Finally press the submit button to complete the registration process

You can also apply for Bigg Boss 17 audition through email by sending your profile details and a short clip of yourself along with it. All applications will be reviewed and if selected, you may get a chance to appear on the show. So wait no more and start applying right away! Good luck!

Once the audition process is completed, the contestants will be asked to pack their bags as they prepare for an exciting journey inside the Bigg Boss House. As always with every season, there are sure to be lots of drama, fights, entertainment, love, friendship and everything else that goes in the house. So keep your fingers crossed and wait to see who makes it to the list of contestants this year!

Now make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun and follow all updates related to Bigg Boss 17 right away. Keep visiting Voot’s website or downloading its app for more information about upcoming episodes and activities in the Bigg Boss House. May the best contestant win!

Bigg Boss is a reality show that has been running successfully since its launch back in 2006. It is one of the most popular shows on Indian television thanks to its unique concept, engaging tasks and lively contestants. This season will surely be filled with lots of twists and turns that will keep viewers hooked on to their screens.

So if you want to be a part of this amazing show, make sure you register for Bigg Boss 17 Audition today! Who knows, you might just get to realize your dream of making it big in the entertainment industry with Bigg Boss 17! Best of luck and don’t forget to follow all updates related to the show on Voot’s website or its app.

Are you excited about becoming a housemate on Bigg Boss 17? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Follow these steps now and take one step closer towards achieving your dreams. Good luck and may the best contestant win!

Bigg Boss 17 Contestant Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for Bigg Boss 17 Live, you must meet the following criteria:

– Age: All contestants must be 18 years or older.

– Nationality: All contestants must either be Indian citizens or hold valid visas that allow them to stay in India during the duration of the show.

– Physical Condition: Contestants must not have any physical ailments or mental health issues that would interfere with their ability to compete on the show.

– Criminal Record: Contestants may not have any serious criminal record, such as a felony conviction or time served in prison. They also cannot have any pending criminal cases against them at the time of participation.

– Moral Conduct: Contestants are expected to adhere to principles of good moral conduct and refrain from any kind of physical, verbal or sexual harassment.

– Nudity: Contestants will not be allowed to engage in any activities that involve nudity.

– Drugs/Alcohol: Contestants are prohibited from using drugs or consuming large amounts of alcohol during the show.

– Time Commitment: All contestants must be available for the entire duration of the show and agree to follow all rules set by Bigg Boss 17 producers.

In addition, each contestant must sign a contract with Bigg Boss 17 that outlines their rights, responsibilities and liabilities while taking part in the show. If a contestant fails to meet any of these eligibility criteria they will not be able to participate in Bigg Boss 17 Full Episode.

Disclaimer: Contestants must meet all the above eligibility criteria to be considered for participation in Bigg Boss 17. Bigg Boss 17 does not guarantee that all applicants who meet the criteria will be selected for the show. The final selection of contestants is at the sole discretion of the show producers.

By applying for Bigg Boss 17, contestants agree to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the producers and waive their right to file any legal action against them if they are not selected as a contestant on the show.

This information is provided solely as a guide, and Bigg Boss 17 does not make any guarantees regarding your chances of being accepted or rejected as a contestant on this program. We encourage all potential contestants to review the eligibility criteria carefully and make an informed decision before submitting their application. Good luck!

Bigg Boss 17 is the latest season of the popular Indian reality TV show. It was launched on October 3, 2023 and is hosted by superstar Salman Khan. The Bigg Boss house is located in Mumbai and features 14 contestants who compete against each other in various tasks. The contestants also face weekly eliminations as part of the game.

Bigg Boss 17 Theme, House and Host Details

Bigg Boss 17 will be set in a lavish house with state-of-the-art facilities. The theme for this season is “Celebrity vs Civilian” in which celebrity contestants will compete against non-celebrities (i.e. civilians).

The show’s host, Salman Khan, is known for his enthusiasm and humor. He has hosted Bigg Boss since the show’s inception in 2006 and gained immense popularity over the years. He is expected to bring his own unique style of hosting to Bigg Boss 17 as well.

The theme of this season is ‘Unlock Your World’, which invites viewers to join in on the excitement of the show and explore different aspects of life with their favourite housemates. This includes engaging in conversations about family, relationships, lifestyle, career and more. With over 10 million viewers tuning into the show every day.

We look forward to watching some exiting action on Bigg Boss 17 Online! Stay tuned for more details coming soon…

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